Virginia Beach, Virginia

This state-of-the-art library serves as a model of successful joint-use public partnerships between municipalities and academic institutions – serving as a center for community engagement and learning delivering universal access to information for all users through seamless service.


Tidewater Community College in Virginia Beach, Virginia, was planning a new library for their campus. Simultaneously, the City of Virginia Beach was planning a new branch library located directly across the street. Virginia Beach librarians learned of the success of the nationally renowned MLK joint-use library in San José and recognized a potential partnership opportunity. The city, known for visionary planning and collaborations, believed a partnership could create more dynamic and meaningful services for the community. The college recognized that a partnership could serve as a springboard to State funding, with the city bringing financial resources to the table, immediately elevating their project as a priority. For the project’s success, the college and city needed to work together to build a new model for library services, bringing two cultures together and creating a high-performance working team built on trust.

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